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UHR #5: Armour as Damage Reduction

Converting Defense and ADR

Armour (but not shields) and effects that duplicate it (such as the mage armour spell) provide their armour bonus (including any enhancement bonuses placed on the armour, if applicable) to armour damage reduction (ADR) instead of Armour Class (which is renamed to Defense). This stacks with other forms of damage reduction such as special qualities, spells, or DR-granting magic items, but does not stack with other sources of ADR (such as a mage armour cast while wearing a chain shirt). Natural armour similarly applies half its bonus (rounded down) as straight damage reduction (not ADR) rather than Defense. The other half remains a bonus to Defense.

Bypassing High Damage Reduction

To combat the extraordinarily high DR values that will be derived from the natural armour of some monsters, all characters may benefit from the use of the Power Attack and Sniper Shot? feats, but they must sacrifice twice the usual amount of points in order to gain the standard amount of benefit based on the size of their weapon and number of hands wielding it. The feats allow for more efficient use of the ability.

Variant 1

This variant is being used in the Age of Elements II: Shards of Fate campaign. Half the standard armour bonus (round down) is applied as ADR, and the remainder (half, round up) is applied as damage conversion (these same rules apply to determining the natural armour DR, except that natural armour is stackable with other forms of DR including ADR). Damage conversion applies after Damage Reduction, and converts lethal damage up to the amount of conversion into nonlethal damage. This means even though hits may not deal lethal damage, a character in heavy armour can still be worn down by heavy hits that cause bruises and other minor injuries.

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