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UHR #4: Class Defense

Characters receive a bonus to their Defense score equal to two plus one-half their Base Attack bonus derived from class levels. Round down in all cases except characters with Base Attack of +1 at 1st-level, who start with a +3 class defense bonus.

When Class Defense Applies

Class defense bonus applies at all times except when the character is flat-footed or immobile. Uncanny Dodge does not affect the ability to retain class defense when flat-footed.

Limits on Using Class Defense

Class defense bonus is limited by the maximum dexterity bonus of armour, but this restriction is applied to Dexterity and class defense bonus separately, not together.

Variant 1

This variant is being used in the Age of Elements II: Shards of Fate campaign. Class defense is instead calculated as two plus three-quarters Base Attack from class levels. A maximum Dexterity bonus of +8 is imposed on characters who have an enhancement bonus to Defense. DR is applied via a separate spell effect, so all enhancement bonuses affect Defense, even those on magic armour.

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