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Custom Wiki Styles

administrators (intermediate) This page describes the predefined WikiStyles and how a Wiki Administrator can define additional Wiki Styles as a local customization for all pages (in local/config.php) or specific groups (in local/$Group.php).

All predefined Wiki Styles are setup in the global array $WikiStyle. To define your own Wiki Styles, add the setting of the correspondent WikiStyle within the array.

Predefined Wiki Styles

The following array-values are set by scripts/wikistyles.php using the SDV()-function (so you can overwrite them by setting them prior in config.php or farmconfig.php):


text colors:
(equiv. to %color=xxxx define=xxxx%
%black%$WikiStyle['black']['color'] = 'black'
%white%$WikiStyle['white']['color'] = 'white'
%red%$WikiStyle['red']['color'] = 'red'
%yellow%$WikiStyle['yellow']['color'] = 'yellow'
%blue%$WikiStyle['blue']['color'] = 'blue'
%gray%$WikiStyle['gray']['color'] = 'gray'
%silver%$WikiStyle['silver']['color'] = 'silver'
%maroon%$WikiStyle['maroon']['color'] = 'maroon'
%green%$WikiStyle['green']['color'] = 'green'
%navy%$WikiStyle['navy']['color'] = 'navy'
%purple%$WikiStyle['purple']['color'] = 'purple'

%decimal%$WikiStyle['decimal']['apply'] = 'list'
$WikiStyle['decimal']['list-style'] = 'decimal'
%roman%$WikiStyle['roman']['apply'] = 'list'
$WikiStyle['roman']['list-style'] = 'lower-roman'
%ROMAN%$WikiStyle['ROMAN']['apply'] = 'list'
$WikiStyle['ROMAN']['list-style'] = 'upper-roman'
%alpha%$WikiStyle['alpha']['apply'] = 'list'
$WikiStyle['alpha']['list-style'] = 'lower-alpha'
%ALPHA%$WikiStyle['ALPHA']['apply'] = 'list'
$WikiStyle['ALPHA']['list-style'] = 'upper-alpha'

open links in a new browser-window:
%newwin%$WikiStyle['newwin']['target'] = '_blank'
Turns markup into a comment via display:none CSS
%comment%$WikiStyle['comment']['display'] = 'none'

Author-Defined Wiki Styles

  1. The first index of the array defines the style name (e.g. mynewstyle, projectentry etc)
  2. the second index defines the attribute name (e.g. color, bgcolor, etc.)
  3. the value set defines the attribute value (e.g. red, bold, #00ffcc, etc.)

Sample: If you want to define a (site-wide) style the same as the page style

%define=projectentry color:red%


$WikiStyle['projectentry']['color'] = 'red';


To be done:

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Page last modified on March 12, 2006, at 10:43 AM