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Using the Shoutout Page

Ok, here's how this works. To talk in here hit Edit, log in if necessary, and then append your message to the end of the page's text. Leave what's already up alone. I'm allowing this page as a courtesy to the group as a whole, so please do not edit or delete others' posts. Also, be sure to sign your statements so it's not an absolute mess in here. It's much easier to see who's talking if all posts are signed.

To keep the flow of things nice, add a horizontal line at the very start of your post to separate it from the rest of the page. Do this by entering ---- on its own line as I have done below:

If you want to give your post a title as I did above, use the heading code before the text of your title line. The code looks like this: !!This is a Title! kekeke ^______^
Feel free to talk about whatever you want in here, including rambling about random crap that is entirely tangential to the game. Damn Jewish Scientologists and their "Keep it On Topic" attitudes. I bet the Transformers get so pissed about it they stop playing WoW and throw all of those Hebrew-speaking Xenu freaks into volcanic ovens and drop h-bombs on them!
(By the way, with WikiWords enabled, be careful about words like WoW up above so it doesn't try to turn it into a link. Place a grave accent, one of these --> ` before the word to prevent it being turned into a WikiWord.)

To sign your statement, type three consecutive tilde symbols, like this without the spaces in between: ~ ~ ~ (the spaces are to prevent the wiki from actually interpreting this example as a real signature). The tilde symbols will automatically be converted to a link to a profile page. The page is the name you put in the Author field below the edit window (put your username there), and is in the Profiles group. For example, see the signature at the very end of my posting (you can put your signature at the start of your post if you like it better up there, by the way). Click on the link your signature generates to create the page, append ?action=attr to the URL of the page in place of ?action=edit, and set the edit password to your own ID. Do this by putting the following text into the edit password field: id:genshou. Of course, replace genshou with your own wiki username (I can already edit your page if I need to anyway. ;) ) This will prevent others from messing around with your personal profile page (where you can store basic info like "This is Tim. Tim plays Urgh the Barbarian."). This way the other players can figure out who you are when they look at your username. If you feel extra-sensitive about your profile page, put the following text in the read password field of your profile's attribute configuration: @DawningStar
This will prevent anyone but a logged-in member of our gaming group to view your profile page. You could also use an if-statement to make the page viewable to all, but have secret text that only logged-in members of our gaming group can see. That way the other people who share this overall wiki with you (players in my online games) can see on your profile page that you are a Dawning Star player, but don't necessarily have access to other information you could put up on the page (phone number, email address, etc.). I'll cover using these if-statements to set up your profile page this way another time.

If you want to append a timestamp, use the code ~ ~ ~ ~ (again, remove the spaces) to generate your signature. That's how I created my "edited by" appendage below. When I went back to edit, text of the line was like this:
[[~genshou]] (edited by ~ ~ ~ ~)
The [[~genshou]] was generated using the code ~ ~ ~ but is automatically changed to the other format when the page is saved. The tilde commands are just shortcuts to make signing less tedious.

Be sure to preview to make sure your Shoutout edit looks the way you wanted it to. For example, this sentence (the one you are presently reading) is *supposed* to be on a new line from the previous sentence (it's on a separate line in the Edit window as you can easily see), but oops, I forgot to put in the code for a line break! This isn't necessary if you put an empty line in between like I did for the paragraphs above, or if there is something special like a heading code or horizontal line breaking them apart (hit Edit and you'll see what I mean). Make sure to append your lines with \\ if you need a single line break, like when you're signing.

Feel free to use the Documentation Index in the sidebar to learn the basics of wiki editing so you can pull off some nifty tricks like I have with formatting (and I'm just doing the basic stuff).

Above all, enjoy the Shoutout and please use it to help improve the game and the wiki (or just use it to alleviate boredom)!
genshou (edited by genshou May 18, 2007, at 03:57 AM)

Ha! I am the first person to post SHOUT!!! Oh and btw diaf nublits carbon88? AKA NICK

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