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Dawning Star

The Dawning Star campaign setting includes a great deal of new content. For ease of reference, all of that content can be viewed here. Pages containing content that is not considered Open Gaming Content can only be viewed by this campaign's players.

The history of Dawning Star, directly from the History chapter. Please read at least once and reference if you need to. You must be logged in to view this content.

The races, talents, feats, and other new content pertaining to making characters in Dawning Star.

The gear in Dawning Star as well as the restrictions on what equipment from other books you can obtain.

World of Eos?
Geographical information about the world the characters live on. You must be logged in to view this content.

Galactic Survey?
Information on what's in the rest of the Helios system, from the amount of knowledge available to the humans of Eos. You must be logged in to view this content.

Statistics of the Dawson dragon, and information on some of the other known native life on Eos. Velin players have access to bonus information about their hated enemy, the vaasi. (Said velin player must log in if he wishes to view this content, however.)

Player Characters
A place to put info about your PC for other players to view.

Non Player Characters
Information about some of the NPCs the party has encountered so far.

House Rules?
The house rules of this campaign.

Table Rules
Rules for the players.

Use this page to discuss our game via appending your comments to the page. Be sure to sign your statements so we know who's talking! This is for communication to the whole group; if you want to talk to someone specific, a text message is more appropriate.

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