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Verrik Inquisitors

The Verrik Empire was able to maintain its control over many of the islands for over a century, primarily due to its Inquisitors, magical bodyguards and interrogators skilled in uncovering plots and opposing enemy magic. Though the Verrik Empire is now greatly weakened and unable to establish a hold on anything outside its own archipelago, Inquisitorial cells still exist, and some lend their services to the rulers of new island nations.

Availability: Outside of their own race, the Inquisitors only train humans or Orcs. Students are required to be both physically and mentally strong, so most Inquisitors are at least 6 feet tall. Since the Verrik Empire once ruled many of the islands surrounding their original empire, small pockets of Inquisitors are likely to be found anywhere.

Thematic Elements: Inquisitorial magic is subtle in its effects, with few sensory cues, but very distinctive with regard to its caster. Inquisitors learn to use their force of will to intimidate foes, and so they typically growl their spells loudly and gesture clearly at their spell’s targets. They use few directly offensive spells, though many can create flaming barriers for defence or to trap foes.

Spell Lists: Abjure Death, Abjure Fire, Abjure Nature, Charm Humanoid, Compel Animal, Compel Humanoid, Create Fire, Create Force, Infuse Earth, Infuse Fire.

Miscellaneous: Inquisitors are easily recognized for their masks, which they claim protect their souls from enemy magic. Most Inquisitor masks are wood or stone carved in the shape of bearskulls, and many Inquisitors favor bearskin cloaks. They seldom arm themselves with more than a claw-shaped dagger.

Inquisitors learn their spells from copies of old spellbooks, scribed by the founders of the Inquisitorial order centuries ago. These spellbooks are written in a civilized form of Orcish, and are closely protected by the order that owns them. Experienced Inquisitors also usually study the magic of other groups to be better able to counterspell it.

Inquisitors have as many skill ranks in Dispel Magic, Intimidate, and Sense Motive as possible. Most also have the Dispel Specialist feat, and the tradition feat Masked Soul.

Playing as an Inquisitor

In a larger world context, Inquisitors make excellent foes. Patrols with an experienced inquisitor and several bodyguards might roam the borders of their lands, or could set out into foreign lands to slay dangerous spellcasters. Their facelessness makes them intimidating, and ability to render a mage powerless makes them frightening. As an element of roleplaying storytelling, the Inquisitors are at their best when opposing a party composed primarily of mages. Inquisitors can make for intriguing dark player characters in the right circumstances — when either the Inquisitor’s allies are of like minds, or the Inquisitor is unable to rely on his order and must make alliances with those he formerly would have been torturing or killing. They tend not to make good characters in more light-hearted games.

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