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House Rules

House Rules of Age of Elements II: Shards of Fate

This campaign takes advantage of a number of house rules to create a customized feel for the campaign.

Universal House Rules

All six of the Universal House Rules are in effect in this campaign. UHR4 and UHR5 use Variant 1 as explained in the rules themselves.

Alternate Magic System

This setting utilizes a custom magic ruleset to create the right feel for the magic-rich world of Gaia. Information on this magic system can be found at the following links.
Elements of Magic - Revised Edition at RPGNow | EN World Reviews

Bows and Crossbows

Bows and crossbows use an alternate mechanic for the statistics of the bows themselves as well as the rate of fire for self bows. The rules for both will soon be uploaded to the D&D Content page of the NewContent group.

Bonus Role-playing Experience

Whenever a character gains a level, they gain bonus experience points based on the quality of their role-playing over the last character level as voted by the rest of the group, to a maximum amount of 150 XP per previous character level. The DM assigns a minimum based on his assessment, and the players each vote in secret for an amount betwen the minimum and maximum inclusive. The player receives bonus XP equal to the mean of all player votes. Players who do not vote within a week of the minimum being assigned are considered to have abstained from voting. If no votes are received, the DM decides the amount.

Adventure Bonus Experience

Upon successfully completing an adventure (as determined by the DM), the players receive a pool of bonus XP that can be assigned freely by player nominations and voting. No more than half this XP can go to a single character. This is another way for players to reward each other, or a way to allow lower-level characters a boost to help them catch up.

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