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Genshikun Iwaya

Player Name: Jhang
Gamemaster: Genshou
Race: Sea Spirit Folk
XP: 14
Level: 2
Class: Monk
Key of Conscience:
With the death of his brother and the likely murder of his mother and father, Gen-Kun regrets keeping out of his family's internal rivalry and conflict. He now believes he should intervene on matters where long-term turmoil is likely.

Genshikun Iwaya was born in the northern fishing village of Ika-Umi as the 3rd and youngest son of Daifu Iwaya of the 9th generation. The Iwaya family, descended from a sea spirit that lived in the cliff-side caves that pepper the bay surrounding Ika-Umi. After local warrior and hero Daifu Akimbo of the 1st Generation and Watatsumi Iwaya brought a child into the world, the Iwaya line of Sea Spirit Folk came into the world. Watatsumi Iwaya, though lived far longer than Daifu Akimbo, died during a sahuagin raid against the village along with Daifu Iwaya of the 5th Generation and Kishikun Iwaya of the 6th Generation.

The Iwaya family’s position in the village is revered as sacred defenders, guardians of the village against attackers and disasters. The family structure is a linear style, with 2 key titles. The “Daifu” (Male) or “Reidou” (Female) of the generation acts of the patron or matron of the rituals for the generation. The Kishikun (Male) or Kishotome (Female) acts as the next in line for the honorable position of “Daifu” or “Reidou,” and is constantly trained for such a role. This position is generally reserved for the eldest member, though exceptions have been made. Past these two positions, the rest of the family are usually bound by the sense of honor and respect demanded from the Daifu/Reidou, as they may be placed in a position at any moment (As the death of Daifu Iwaya of the 5th Generation and Kishikun Iwaya of the 6th Generation led to.)

Genshikun Iwaya, being the youngest, was not obliged to follow the path of his older brother and sister, and took a laidback lifestyle exploring the local flora and fauna as a young child. Kishikun Iwaya of the 10th generation, the eldest child of the family, was well set to receive the title of Daifu. However. his sister, Nekonadegoe Iwaya, was fiercely jealous of her brother Kishikun, seeing herself to be the most effective and disciplined. She trained ceaselessly for the family title, and sought to undermine her older brother at every opportunity. Meanwhile, Genshikun kept far away from the initial conflict between the two.

As Genshikun became older, he began to grow more distant from his family. This wasn’t unusual; a majority of siblings who were related to the Daifu often left the village to pursue various livelihoods. Genshikun grew interested in a moderately close dojo, training in the style of the Sea and Moon. Ika-Umi didn’t miss him; he had developed a reputation of playing tricks and fooling the locals, especially in terms of weather prediction. His often aloof take on the order of the village wasn’t completely unjustified in his world. He saw the workings of the village to be unnatural, and against his own bloodline’s bond with the natural order of things.

As he came to the age of 19, however, his distant relationship with family troubles came to a violent end. Nekonadegoe, overhearing that her older brother would finally be given the position of Daifu, became enraged. When Kishikun went out to collect Genshikun for the ceremony, She set out after him to kill him. As luck would have in her favor, he was ambushed out in the wilderness by a group of roving bandits when he was returning with Genshikun. Despite their numbers, Kishikun told his brother to run back to the dojo for help, and that he would hold them off as long as his could. Genshikun hesitated at first, but left the area at his brother’s urgings. Nekonadegoe, seeing an opportunity to exploit both sudden death and elimination of any blame, quickly intervened in the battle, killing both her brother and the bandits.

She hurried to back to the village, mildly wounded, and wove a tearful story of what happened. She told of how her younger brother told her that he was planning on meeting his brother secretly to discuss about the future, and she followed to investigate. At the secluded site, she saw Genshikun with a group of assassins murdered Kishikun, despite Nekonadegoe’s intervention. She managed to kill the assassins, but Genshikun had escaped, back towards his dojo. Despite initial skepticisms from her father, she managed to convince the village of Genshikun’s “wrongdoing” and incited a lynch mob to retrieve him at the dojo.

Genshikun, however, was not there when the lynch mob arrived. He had a second wind of heart, and returned to help his brother against his wishes. There, he saw his sister murdering the bandits and Kishikun. Distraught, he escaped to the dojo, and told his sensei what happened. The sensei, trusting his student, put forward two choices: To stay here in the dojo, and face his sister; or run away. Genshikun, seeing his sister in such a powerful state, chose to run. His sensei, respecting his decision, gave him a few minor gifts for protection, some food and clothing, and sent him on his way. When the lynch mob arrive, he told him that the boy had broken into the dojo, stolen some items, and ran away. The sister, sensing that the dojo teacher was lying, but in her favor, sent the lynch mob to search the surrounding area, and left the dojo alone.

Monk 2
Age 19
Height: 5'7
Weight: 121
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark Golden

Att Val Mod
Str 11
Dex 17 +3 (19 +4)
Con 11
Int 11
Wis 15 +2
Cha 9 -1

HP 11
Movement: 30 ft land//30 ft Water
Languages: Common, Etuan, Spirit

BAB: +1
AC: 17
Flatfooted: 14
Touch: 17

Fort +3
Reflex +6
Wis +5
Improved Unarmed Combat
Skill Emphasis (Bluff)
Combat Expertise
Improved Trip

Low-Light Vision 60 ft
Flurry of Blows
Predict Weather
Water Breathing
+2 Fire Resistance


Unarmed +4 to-hit 1d6 50 ft

Sling +4 to-hit 1d4
x20 Bullets
Harpoon (Javelin) 1d6, +4 to hit

Siangham 1d6 +4 to-hit

Healing Hands: 1d6 Heal 5/day
Shifting Robe +1 AC 1/day
Headband Of the Moon (+1 magic to weapons, 5 charges)

Shin-Wa-Wain (Potion of Friendship)x4
Kure-Ji-Wain (Potion of Courage) x4
Kiya-Sume-Wain (Potion of Calm)x8

Knowledge BasicInt3+0+3
Sense MotiveWis2+2+4

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