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Dreamers Of The Inner Path

While most mages attempt to control the powers of the world around them, some seek to control their own inner power. Those who dream the inner path seldom gather into schools or monasteries, though they may seek wise teachers to help them see deeper into themselves. Highly insular, dreamers of the inner path perfect powers of the mind and soul, and may easily become obsessed with the dreamworld at the expense of the real.

Availability: Any mage may attempt to find herself in the realms of dream, and each who does follows a slightly different path. Those few teachers of this path require little of their pupils other than the desire to understand themselves, and the ability to fall asleep in uncomfortable locations.

Thematic Elements: Dreams and nightmares fill the magic of those who follow the inner path. Any physical manifestations in their spells are highly personal, drawn from their own fears and desires, typically possessing an ethereal appearance. Many dreamers carry circles woven and crossed with thin threads dreamcatchers to filter out harmful forces in their sleep. The greatest fear of any dreamer of the inner path is that her magic may take on a life of its own, manifesting as a monster of dreams, such as the Trillith.

Spell Lists: Any Charm, any Compel, any Create, particularly Create Space to conjure demiplanes, any Illusion, Summon Aberration.

Miscellaneous: Dreamers of the inner path usually have little in the way of worldly possessions, preferring permanent spells to magic items. In general, they do not trust the physical.

The spell lists suggested above form the core of dream-based magic, but are by no means the limit of what magic dreamers may practice. The magic of a dreamer is influenced by his personality, but is most strongly rooted in whatever thoughts the dreamer represses. A dreamer who fears violence may have taught herself a few Abjure spells, but her greatest power will lie in evocations, though she hates to admit it.

Playing as a Dreamer of the Inner Path

Being of a more personal and psychic nature, dream magic possesses an otherwordly strangeness due to its disconnect from the world of spirits and elemental forces. Dream magic may very well be the basis of all magic, existing even before Genesis? itself. Because of the personal nature of this magic, it could show up in any culture, even as a secondary focus for a character with another primary magical tradition.

Player characters who dream the inner path have a good reason to go adventuring as they seek to control their inner selves while keeping away from those they might accidentally harm when they do lose control.

New Feat: Psionic Mage
Optional Rule: Traumatic Magic

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